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  • Do we have flood lights?
    No! Unfortunately because of some very rare bat species we only have daylight hours at Barn Elms Sports Centre.
  • Do I have to become a member?
    No, we just have a pay and play system here! We didn't want to make it too complicated so it's one price and open to everyone.
  • Can I rent Rackets and Balls?
    Yes! Everything is included in the price. When you arrive if you speak with the leisure centre reception they will be able to give you rackets and balls to borrow for your session!
  • Can I book lessons?
    You will be able to book lessons shortly. At the moment we are just doing pay and play but the next phase will be the introduction of a coach.
  • Where is the court?
    In Barnes we are here: Barn Elms Sports Centre, Queen Elizabeth Walk, London SW13 0DG. When you arrive, park next to the beach volleyball courts. The Padel court is on the astroturf pitch behind the volleyball and past the tennis courts. If you need to go to reception then walk past the volleyball courts and follow the signs to the Sport Centre reception. In Kingston we are here: YMCA Hawker Centre, Lower Ham Road, KT2 4BH. When you arrive you can park anywhere and then walk towards the main building entrance. You will see our court just to the left of the building, inbetween the building and the football pitch.
  • Is the court indoor or outdoor?
    The court is outdoors. It plays pretty well after rain but it can be slippery so please play at your own risk.
  • How do I book courts at Battersea Park or Battersea Sports Centre?
    These are now managed by Enable. Best to find them on the Padel Mates app or contact Enable directly.
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